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23rd January 2019 by Gemma Burden

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Long gone are the days of ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ with greater effort now being made by the family justice system to ensure that a child’s wishes and feelings are sought, identified and put at the heart of decision making when parents separate.

With the majority of cases being settled out of court, we would encourage Child Inclusive Mediation, providing a platform to encourage parents to consider their child’s thoughts and concerns when agreeing future arrangements.

We see children without their parents present to promote an unpressured, informal environment so they feel able to speak freely about any concerns they have relating to their current situation and their hopes for the future, without the pressure of parents being upset. They then decide with the mediator what information is going to be fed back to their parents when the mediator next sees them. In many cases this feedback can be a true catalyst to the parents finding a resolution and understanding the impact of their actions on the emotional well-being of their child.

Seeing children as part of the mediation process requires specialist training. Laceys mediators have been seeing children as part of the mediation process for many years and find it the most rewarding part of their work.

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Gemma Burden

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Gemma Burden, head of Family Mediation, Laceys Solicitors
  • “As it was mediation for divorce I was worried just how complicated it would be but it was all handled well by Gemma who put my mind at ease and explained everything well. Thank you. ”

    John Littlefield

  • “Gemma was able to help us narrow the issues between us so we could focus on resolution. I feel she treated us both equally and professionally.”

    Maria Vine

  • “Gemma seemed to quickly understand our situation and acted accordingly and in what I felt with best interest.”


  • “I was very happy with Gemma Burden. She was very clear and to the point. Gemma Burden was very good at staying neutral. This must be very hard sometimes. She is very professional and is very good at explaining all points in mediation. I would recommend Laceys Mediation to all. I would give Gemma Burden top marks in all aspects of mediation and she has my thanks.”


  • “Having used Laceys before, it was an easy choice to use them again. Gemma was professional, polite and thorough. An absolute credit to the company.”

    A Wood

Gemma is the head of our mediation department and a Family Mediation Council Accredited lawyer mediator. Gemma qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and joined Laceys in 2001. She has specialised in family law since qualifying as a solicitor and has worked full time as a mediator since 2009.

Gemma is qualified in all areas of family mediation, including divorce and financial settlements, child arrangements and property disputes between cohabitees.  She is also qualified to see children as part of the mediation process.  Gemma is able to draw on her legal expertise when helping couples work out complex financial settlements and new parenting arrangements.

In her spare time Gemma likes to spend time with her family, especially her dog who never answers back.  Her chosen stress beaters are running, swimming and the beach.

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