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Civil Partnership Dissolution

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 has meant same sex couples who register a civil partnership  have almost the same legal effects, rights and obligations as a marriage for mixed couples. Unfortunately, in much the same way as marriages, there will be some civil partnerships that fail.

Dissolution is the term used to describe the termination of a civil partnership, and as long as you have been in a civil partnership for at least one year, either partner can apply for dissolution. However, unlike marriage, there is no equivalent of adultery as a ground for dissolution of a civil partnership, the only ground for dissolution is because the partnership has irretrievably broken down.

We understand the end of a relationship is often an emotional and stressful time when it is difficult to gain perspective on the situation and make the best decisions. Our aim is to provide you with support and guidance through the dissolution process from start to finish, whether that involves dealing with large assets or a difficult ex-partner.

Albeit limited, civil partnership dissolution cases that have already happened show that the same principles of fairness, sharing and the meeting of needs or possible need of compensation have been applied in these cases as under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 for divorce cases. Not all courts have jurisdiction to deal with these cases and the most local venue for hearings from Bournemouth is currently Bristol.

If you are contemplating a civil partnership particularly where there are pre-existing assets or a great disparity of age between partners, it would be worth considering a Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement which provides clear division of assets in the event of the breakdown of the relationship.  Please refer to our Pre-Nuptual and Pre-Civil Partnership page for further details.

For further advice on Civil Partnership Dissolution please contact one of our team today to see how we can help.

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    Jonathan Talbot

    Partner — Family

    Direct dial: 01202 377844


    Jonathan Talbot
    • “Jonathan has been amazing at helping me get a resolution with my ex-husband. He was a great listener when I was getting very upset about clauses in our old divorce agreement that were not being adhered to and reacted really quickly with a letter and support. I would not hesitate to ask Jonathan for help again but please excuse me if I hope that doesn’t happen for a while as we all know dealing with ex's is never much fun! Thank you Jonathan.”

      Sharron Davies, MBE

    • “Very happy with how you dealt with my case. Many thanks for your help and advice from Mr Talbot and his secretary.”

      Jan Saad

    • “Jonathan Talbot explained the process and how things would proceed. He was very patient allowing us time to understand and adapt to our new situation. Legal language can be quite difficult to understand and he would explain what it meant and how it would impact.”

      Rae Frederick

    • “I always use Laceys for my legal work, I feel able to talk to them and I know they listen. They have always been professional and kind.”

      Dawn Aston

    • “I’d like to extend heartfelt thanks to you and Shannon for helping me through this difficult time, I am really very appreciative to have had you on my team this year, you’ve been an enormous support. ”

      Mrs W

    Jonathan heads up Laceys family department with over 30 years experience in Family Law.

    He specialises in Family and Relationship Breakdowns, Financial Remedies, Collaborative Law and International Family Law.

    Jonathan has a exceptional caring nature and will always strive to find solutions to family issues outside of the court if at all possible.

    Outside of work Jonathan likes to keep himself busy by competing in Ironman 70.3’s when he gets the chance – which are no easy feat at having to complete a 1.2 mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and then a 13.1 mile run each race!

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