Laceys Solicitors Laceys is a leading, forward-thinking law firm with specialist experts serving both individual and business clients across a broad spectrum of practice areas.

If Social Services have notified you about legal proceedings concerning your child please call 01202 377995.

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Laceys Solicitors is a leading, forward-thinking local law firm with specialist experts serving both individual and business clients across a broad spectrum of practice areas.

We appreciate clients lead busy and stressful lives and do not want to get entangled in complicated legal issues, which is why we aim to provide clear, concise advice for each legal issue. We deliver practical solutions in the most cost efficient way.

For personal clients that can be providing legal support on a variety of circumstances, from buying or selling a home, making a will, having relationship difficulties, through to needing a dispute resolved, to name a few.

For business clients this can range from advising you on buying, merging, selling, investing or restructuring a business, commercial property matters, intellectual property, employment law, licensing or any contentious issues you may have that need resolving.

Through all of life’s challenges and opportunities, Laceys have the skills and talent to provide outstanding legal support.

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    Whatever your legal requirement, whether it be business or personal, our specialist teams are professional, prompt and personal, and will always strive to deliver practical solutions in the most cost effective way

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