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Aisling Scott

Training seat in Dispute resolution: Not for the faint-hearted!

8th July 2021 by Aisling Scott

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Back in April, with my training journey at Laceys continuing to my next seat in Dispute Resolution, being a contentious department, I did wonder if this area was for me…

Although fulfilling court deadlines, research and frequenting with the Civil Procedure Rules were all things I touched upon during my LPC (legal practice course) nothing could quite prepare me for the dynamic and fast paced environment of this area of law.

However, I can say with confidence, the experience has been an enjoyable revelation.

During my seat, I focused on two specialist areas, the first being commercial landlord and tenant dispute work with Rob Kelly, the second, in Licensing, with Philip Day.

Both areas have helped me become more focussed and accurate in one skill in particular, researching.

For Landlord and tenant work, I have researched a vast range of areas such as forfeiture of a lease, service charge dispute, tenancy identification, tenancy provisions such as permitted use, restrictive covenants and so on.

Throughout, I have had to keep a constant eye to changes in the law from the Coronavirus Act 2020, but also consider other recent regulations such as the fire safety regulations in the wake of Grenfell Tower. I feel I have developed my knowledge of the law and can now advise clients in an informative, yet succinct and well considered way.

I have also been lucky enough to have exposure to a Commercial Mediation via Zoom. I quickly realised narrowing the issues was most important whilst always acting on client instructions.  Three skills to successfully mediate I believe are 1) Preparation – know your case 2) advise and assure your client – they are in your hands. 3) Perseverance – you can draft a settlement agreement very late in the day or night as this so happened! It was brilliant to assist Rob Kelly and work so closely with our client.

As I mentioned above, the second specialist area I focussed in was Licensing, shadowing Philip Day. Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing is not something that is usually taught as part of your full training so I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity, and one I have enjoyed very much.

Examples of the work I have undertaken comprise of submitting a premises licence application, applying for a temporary event notice, sitting in on a council hearing which considered a disputed alcohol licence and attending webinars to further develop my knowledge and network. Towards the end of my seat, I better understood the potential issues which crop up and how to address them. It has been a welcome opportunity to apply common sense and work closely with the client to accommodate their needs. I have frequented with the Licensing Act 2003 but have learnt so much from Philip Day who has a wealth of experience in this niche area.

However, time seems to run away from me and before I know it I’m moving onto the next area of law, but it has been a joy to work in this department.

If you want to find out any further details on Licensing or Dispute Resolution work that Laceys can help with please click here.

Aisling Scott

Trainee Solicitor

Direct dial: 01202 377805


Aisling Scott

Aisling is in her second year of her training contract at Laceys and has thoroughly enjoyed working hard to gain experience in various legal departments. Aisling is planning to spend the remaining part of her training contract in the property department – both residential and commercial.

Aisling undertakes a variety of tasks for the property department, from transfer of a portfolio of properties, to reporting on leasehold and freehold transactions and from drafting leases to commercial negotiation. All of Aisling’s experience has been with the guidance of many supportive colleagues and she is eager to learn more.

Away from work Aisling is very busy putting on her DIY hat taking inspiration from lots of interior design social media accounts.  Aisling also enjoys fitting in a bit of fitness most mornings, walking her Cairn Terrier Stavely and eating good food with friends and family! 

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Aisling Scott

Training seat in Dispute resolution: Not for the faint-hearted!

Back in April, with my training journey at Laceys continuing to my next seat in Dispute Resolution,...

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