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The benefits of Mediation over Litigation

12th February 2020 by Kenneth Clarke

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Following is words from an American Attorney on the benefits of Mediation….

Many people who have never been involved in a lawsuit think you get your day in court to tell your story, and then the judge issues a decision. That is just not how it works. Because most cases settle, you will likely never get in front of a judge! Beyond that, even if you do have a trial, you won’t really get to tell your story unfettered, because trials are conducted by attorneys asking witnesses questions, not by witnesses providing long narratives. The reality is that the path to trial is long, stressful, adversarial, very expensive and rarely leads to satisfying results. The purpose of mediation is to get you talking about how to settle every issue right away, so the process is usually much faster, much less expensive, much less stressful and overall much more satisfying than litigation.”

Moving on from his words, this comparison chart delves deeper into the differences between the litigation and mediation processes.

Litigation v Mediation Process *

For further advice on mediation please contact us in confidence on 01202 721822 or who will be happy to help.


* Comparison chart originally created by American Attorney Lisa Taylor, mediator training coach,  The Oakland Mediation Centre, Michigan

Kenneth Clarke

Associate — Family Mediation

Direct dial: 01202 721822


“What could have potentially been an extremely upsetting and inflammatory scenario, proved to be a surprisingly smooth and conflict free process through Laceys mediation. With Kenneth’s extensive experience we were able to reach an agreeable outcome without spending our life savings!”

Julie Morris

Kenneth is the elder statesman of our mediation team, with forty years’ experience as a family lawyer, and qualified as a mediator in 1996. Kenneth has been a key member of the Laceys mediation team since 2005, specialising in financial and children cases, with a particular interest and specialisation in high conflict cases.

Kenneth is also qualified to consult with children, a growing part of the mediation process. Always looking to expand the boundaries of mediation practice,  Kenneth brings a degree of gravitas, humour, understanding and empathy when he mediates with clients,  creating a positive environment in which clients work together to resolve their issues quickly and cost-effectively.

Out of office hours, Kenneth’s main passion is writing musical theatre. When he has time Kenneth also enjoys travel, especially cruising.

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