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Don’t let the ‘No Fault Divorce’ delay halt your divorce. Family Mediation can help.

21st June 2021 by Gemma Burden

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It has recently been announced that there will be a delay to the much anticipated no-fault divorce, which will now come into effect on 6 April 2022, instead of this autumn.

This landmark legislation means that from next April, ‘no fault divorce’ divorcing couples will no longer have to allege adultery or dredge up allegations of unreasonable behaviour in order to obtain a divorce.

However, if waiting until April 2022 to start divorce proceedings is too long to wait, Laceys can provide a sympathetic, collaborative option for divorce proceedings in Family Mediation where you work together to find the best solution for you and your family.

Instead of making threats or getting one over on each other, which creates a cycle of unease and conflict preventing you both from moving forward, family mediation encourages co-operation, open-mindedness and problem solving within confidential discussions to achieve a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Family Mediation is a process which enables you both the opportunity to work together and explore your options regarding the children and/or finances in a neutral and controlled setting with one of our experienced lawyer mediators.

Mediation also allows you to take control and make the decisions, rather than taking the risk of lengthy and expensive court proceedings where the outcome is largely unknown.

Laceys Mediation are currently taking part in the The Ministry of Justice Family Mediation Voucher Scheme  which  provides a contribution of up to £500 to families towards the mediation costs of a child arrangements case, in the aim to support people resolve their family law disputes outside of court, where possible. You can find out more here.

Laceys Mediation have offices based in Bournemouth Poole and Southampton. If you would like any further advice on mediation please contact our Mediation department on 01202 377993 or who will be happy to help.

Gemma Burden

Partner — Mediation

Direct dial: 01202 377993


Gemma Burden, head of Family Mediation, Laceys Solicitors
  • “As it was mediation for divorce I was worried just how complicated it would be but it was all handled well by Gemma who put my mind at ease and explained everything well. Thank you. ”

    John Littlefield

  • “Gemma was able to help us narrow the issues between us so we could focus on resolution. I feel she treated us both equally and professionally.”

    Maria Vine

  • “Gemma seemed to quickly understand our situation and acted accordingly and in what I felt with best interest.”


  • “I was very happy with Gemma Burden. She was very clear and to the point. Gemma Burden was very good at staying neutral. This must be very hard sometimes. She is very professional and is very good at explaining all points in mediation. I would recommend Laceys Mediation to all. I would give Gemma Burden top marks in all aspects of mediation and she has my thanks.”


  • “Having used Laceys before, it was an easy choice to use them again. Gemma was professional, polite and thorough. An absolute credit to the company.”

    A Wood

Gemma is the head of our mediation department and a Family Mediation Council Accredited lawyer mediator. Gemma qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and joined Laceys in 2001. She has specialised in family law since qualifying as a solicitor and has worked full time as a mediator since 2009.

Gemma is qualified in all areas of family mediation, including divorce and financial settlements, child arrangements and property disputes between cohabitees.  She is also qualified to see children as part of the mediation process.  Gemma is able to draw on her legal expertise when helping couples work out complex financial settlements and new parenting arrangements.

In her spare time Gemma likes to spend time with her family, especially her dog who never answers back.  Her chosen stress beaters are running, swimming and the beach.

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